We were StokeSignals. Now we are Prequel. Yep. We've renamed our naming agency.
How's that for meta?

There was nothing wrong with our old name. We liked it. A lot. We own the trademark. We have a great domain name. Clients and partners have known us by that name - for 10 years. So… we decided to change our name.Makes total sense, right?
Check out our rather wordy site and let us know what you think.

You need

a one-trick pony

We work with a select group of agencies whenever naming projects come through the door. We get in, name, and get out. And/or we're happy to pitch and present, as needed.


names for brands or products, 

new or existing
brand architecture revisions 
& new naming systems
all of the client hand-holding required 
to make your naming project successful
We create
names that are unique and ownable
— names that become the foundation of powerful, profitable brands.
We can also help you sort through the strategic questions around brand equity, renaming, and merging product portfolios.
We have been there, done that.
Agencies who work with us have found that they:
can confidently say "yes" to "can you help with naming?" - without having to keep a namer on staff
win more business, as a result
avoid the really painful feeling of presenting names that subsequently get slaughtered in trademark screening (and the unpleasant conversations with clients that follow)

if this sounds like you

we should talk

Reach out. We think you'll find it was time well spent.